The Benefits of a Stucco Exterior

Unlike siding, a stucco exterior won’t blister and fade for a long time. Although it might crack and crumble over time, with just a little bit of time and the proper tools it can be easy to repair. If you are planning on using stucco to side your house, stucco can be a great material that will stand up to the elements and is pleasing to the eye. Much like high quality metal siding, stucco is fire resistant as well with the only potential downside being that it is very susceptible to mold and moisture if cracks aren’t quickly repaired.

A substance that is seeing increased use in the industry, stucco is the perfect substitute for siding and can hold up incredibly well to the elements. Those who are going for a more classic look prefer the texture and appearance of stucco to siding, and in certain environments the look is widely popular. Stucco color charts are the best way to determine the type and color of stucco perfect for your needs. Increases in stucco use and technology have resulted in an increase in colors and textures with new ones being created all of the time. It’s this diversity that sometimes makes it difficult to find a stucco color chart that will match up exactly to the product. Because of this, many stucco charts are better served as guidelines and rough estimations of the product.

As with any home improvement undertaking, it’s important to research the topic thoroughly and make sure that you’re investing your money wisely. Beautiful and practical in nature, stucco can be a great alternative to conventional aluminum siding and protect your home from the elements. Before deciding which company you decide to order from, request a stucco color chart from each individual business. Seeing a rough estimation of colors and the finish that they will likely produce is a great way to ensure that you will make the right decision when the time of purchase comes.

Stucco can be a great and easy to maintain material that creates a modern and visually pleasing appeal. By choosing the right color and material, stucco can be an inexpensive and versatile alternative to conventional siding that is much more effective in certain environments. For stucco color charts, contact your local hardware company or search the web for rough estimates of stucco colors and textures.

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